Bike Advertising

How it Works

We offer very competitive rates. Getting Started is as easy as


1) Where to run your campaign

2) How long to run your ad

3) What you want to say



We will work closely with you to plan your bike advertising campaign from when and where to which times are best to maximize results.


We'll collaborate, and choose optimum routes, campaign durations and banner designs. Our philosophy is to catch the attention of your potential customers and act as a referral to drive business from the street level to your best contact point.


This flexible medium is also excellent if your goal is business exposure. With this is type of campaign our teams set out with the goal to introduce your message to as many members of your target audience as possible.


Our advertising bikes are great for use at trade fairs, product launches, store openings, conferences, exhibitions and various promotions. We will ride our eye-catching mobile advertising trailers and bikes around pre-agreed locations and routes, showing your message to thousands of potential customers.

We can distribute your flyers and wear your company's branded clothes at no extra cost.


Below are a few things to consider regarding the status of your order. How long this takes to go from the production phase to the street level is entirely up to how available you are and how quickly our collaboration completes each of the production phases. Generally we can do this in a few days to a week, but much of it depends on just how well we can mutually focus on meeting that type of deadline.  If you have your own artwork then we can go sirectly to the print production phase check out our terms for artwork submission, otherwise here is how it goes:

Phase 1: Project Planning

If we haven't already let's take few moments to speak over the phone and get a handle on what you what to accomplish with this campaign. Perhaps you want to use this for a specific event or venue. Maybe you want to use this during certain times. At this phase we figure out the when and where.

Phase 2: Content Development

I'll need to know what you want your message to be. How to best

Phase 3: Creative Design & Layout

Perhaps I'll need some artwork from you, high resolution vector type stuff so we can incorporate your logo/images into the banner. We need to coordinate where this will come from and if we need to design any of it for you.

Phase 4: Proof Approval

Once we send you the proofs you'll need to approve the artwork. Here is where we work out the final details and show you a representation of what your banner ad will look like. One you approve this there can be no more changes because it's going to the printer.

Phase 5: Print Production

Your banner gets printed and finished, and then we pick it up and make sure the details are all fine.

Phase 6: Run the Campaign

Here is where we do what you hired us to do! We take your campaign to the streets and drive potential business to you.

Phase 7: Post Campaign/Storage

We'll keep your banner for you and all you have to do is let us know where and when the next campaign starts for your company.



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